Instructor Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a college or department administrator, visit the Administrator Information page for specific administrator information.

General Access and System Information

The Instructor System provides instructors and academic administrators a secure interface with the Office of the Registrar and other administrative units. The system includes: Class Lists and Graded Class Lists, Class Lists with Student Images, Email Students in a Class, Grade Reporting forms, Grade Upload, Grade Submission Summary, Enhancing Academic Success Early (EASE) reports and archive, Textbook and Material Entry/Update, and Out-of-State Learning Experience forms.

As an Instructor, how do I get access?
Contact the department offering the course.

How is one identified as an Instructor of a specific course?
Each department identifies instructors in the Student Information System. Instructors (faculty and graduate assistants appointed as teaching assistants) on a section-by-section basis.

Can Teaching Assistants (TA) have access?
Yes, they can be given access. Contact the department offering the course.

Can Office Assistants gain access?
College Security Administrators grant access to other academic personnel as appropriate.

Can Undergraduate Assistants have access?

Class Lists and Graded Class Lists, Class Lists with Student Images, Email Students in a Class

You can view and download class lists for authorized course sections for the current semester and graded class lists for past semesters. An email function is available to contact all or a specific subset of students in your authorized course sections. Another option allows you to view or download class lists with student images.

How can I tell which student is a member of the Honors College?
A flag of "H" (Honors) will display under the HNR (HONOR) heading for the student.

A student is attending my class, but is not on the class list. What should be done?
The student should be advised to enroll formally in the class by contacting the department offering the course. University Policy does not permit students to attend class unless they are officially enrolled with the appropriate fees paid. A student's name will appear on your class list when that has been done.

A student dropped my class, but is still appearing on the class list, who should I contact?
You may email the student and suggest they contact the Office of the Registrar at or call 355-3300.

How often are the class lists updated?
Current semester class lists are updated every 20 minutes. Other semester class lists are updated once daily.

Grade Reporting Forms

For a detailed explanation of the University's grading systems, consult the General Procedures and Regulations section of Academic Programs and scroll down to "Grading Systems."

When is the first and last day that I can enter grades in this system? Can I submit some grades now and the rest later?
To enter final grades for one of your course sections, click on the appropriate section to display the Grade Reporting Form. You may enter some of the grades and select "Save for later". Grades are saved for you to finish at a later time, but before the deadline. Final submission of grades cannot be accomplished until a grade is entered for every student. By selecting the "Submit final grades to the Office of the Registrar" the grades will be sent to the Office of the Registrar.

A student has been attending my class, but is not on the Grade Reporting Form. How do I submit the grade?
The student is not eligible to receive a grade. University Policy does not permit a student to attend class unless they are officially enrolled with the appropriate fees paid.

A student has previously dropped my class, but is still on the Grade Reporting Form. I am required to enter a grade. What should it be?
If a student officially dropped the course after the middle of the semester, the course should already be graded. If the student did not officially drop the course and if the student did not complete the requirements for the course, you should record a failing grade of 0.0, F (Law) or N if a P/N graded course.

A student is attending my section of the course, but is enrolled for another. How do I submit the grade?
The instructor of the enrolled section will submit a 0.0 or F (Law) grade (or N if a P/N graded course) for the student since the student did not attend the section. An Administrative Action Form will have to be completed in order to change the enrollment and submit the correct grade.

Where can I view the grades that have been submitted for my class?
Grades are displayed in the Graded Class List section of the Instructor menu within 1 day of submission.

I submitted all the grades for my class but the grades are not displaying on the Graded Class List. What happened?
If you clicked on the "Submit Final Grades to the Office of the Registrar" button at the bottom of the page and received an email confirmation from the Office of the Registrar, then allow one day for the Graded Class List to be updated.

What do I do if I submitted the wrong grade(s)?
An Administrative Action Form will need to be submitted.

What will happen if I do not submit my Grade Reporting Form to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline?
If grades are not finalized and submitted on time, students will receive a grade marker of NGR (No Grade Reported) for the course, graduation could be denied, transcripts will be incomplete and reports such as ASUS (Academic Standing of Undergraduate Students) may be inaccurate.

How would I submit my grades if I miss the grade deadline?
When grades are not submitted by the deadline, students will receive "No Grade Reported" (NGR) for the course. Instructors must complete the Late Submission of Grades form in the Administrative Action Form System. After the instructor has completed the online form, it will be reviewed by the Department Chairperson and the Associate Dean of the Course. The Office of the Registrar will only accept late grades via this form.

I'm trying to enter grades for my class, but it says "Temporarily unavailable". What does this mean?
Either another authorized user is entering grades for the class or the Grade Reporting Form for the class was not exited properly.

In the first case, you will be able to enter the Grade Reporting Form for the class once the other user exits. However, if the other authorized user submits the final grades to the Office of the Registrar, the status will change from "Temporarily unavailable" to "Grades have been submitted" and you will not be able to adjust/enter grades.

If the Grade Reporting Form for a class was not exited properly (i.e. not using the "Save for later" button, the "Submit final grades to the Office of the Registrar" button or the browser back button), all users will be locked out of the class for 30 minutes. This is a security precaution.

Grade Upload

Grade Upload is a means of securely transferring a basic text file containing grades to the Instructor System. Grade Upload should only be used by persons who are comfortable with creating, exporting, and sorting text files.

File Specifications
Files are accepted in CSV-Simple and CSV-Class List formats. View file specifications and examples.

Please take care to note the file layout and sort orders as listed in the file specifications. Files not containing the correct file layout and/or not sorted in the correct order will result in an unsuccessful upload.

Please note: The first row of the upload file must be field names as specified. Only sections belonging to the same course may be uploaded in the same file. Distinct courses must be uploaded separately.

Enhancing Academic Success Early (EASE) Reports

The EASE online form is used to facilitate real time reporting of evidence-based measures of success, including grades, attendance, and engagement, so that we can proactively intervene and follow up with students accordingly.

As an instructor, what else do I need to know about EASE reports?
  • Instructors may complete an EASE report on any or all students enrolled in their course(s) at any time during the semester and as many times as they deem appropriate.
  • Completion of all fields is not required to submit a report. A comment field is available and brief comments are helpful but will only be saved if a selection is made in at least one of the data fields.
  • Students will receive an email indicating reported data measures. Comments will only be shared with the student if the "share comments with student" box is checked.
  • Academic advisors are notified when the student's current Grade is less than a 2.5 and/or the responses to Attendance and/or Engagement are "Intermittent" or "No". In these cases, the student is asked to meet with their instructor and told that they may be contacted by an advisor. When an academic advisor contacts a student, it will be noted in the EASE system for the instructor to view via the "EASE Report Status & Archive."
  • Certain populations of students (e.g. athletes or Spartan Success Scholars) are indicated on the reporting form with an * indicating that an EASE report is required. Accordingly, instructors will be notified via email one week before these are due.
  • Upload feature: Instructors can upload EASE reports. Use the "EASE Format" download option on the Class List page for a correctly formatted class file.

Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008 (HEOA): Textbook Compliance Requirements

Why am I being required to enter required and recommended textbooks and supplemental materials for each course into this system?
In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA), institutions must make required, recommended, and supplemental textbook and other material information available to students through the class schedule and to bookstores for ordering. The primary purpose of providing this consumer information is to assist students with making informed decisions at the time of enrollment. The legislation also requires institutions to make certain disclosures to students. For more information, visit the Student Consumer Information web page.

What are the deadlines for entering textbook information into this system?
Deadlines may be established by and may vary among colleges and departments. It is also typical for bookstores to provide guidelines and deadlines for submission. As an institution, our goal is to provide the most accurate information as soon as possible. Representatives responsible for entering textbook information should make reasonable efforts to ensure the information in the system is updated with timeliness and accuracy.

It is recommended for the system to be ready for students to review during the following time periods associated with peak enrollment and registration activity:

Summer Semester: March (early March, prior to enrollment); May (1-2 weeks prior to the first day of classes); July (1-2 weeks prior to Session 2)

Fall Semester (and Spring to the extent that it is practical): April (prior to enrollment); June (prior to the Academic Orientation Program - NSO); August (1-2 weeks prior to the first day of classes)

Spring Semester: mid-November; January (1-2 weeks prior to the first day of classes)

When can I change or update the information that has been entered into the textbook system?
Information may be updated at any time in the textbook information system. Updates will be reflected immediately (real time) on the web schedule of classes.

Am I required to enter all textbook and other material information for a given class? What if there is no cost associated with the materials?
HEOA requires institutions to disclose, through the schedule of courses, information of required and recommended textbooks and supplemental materials for each course. Information related to materials that have no costs associated with them may be entered in the textbook system. However, only textbooks and materials with costs are required to be entered.

Entering your textbook and supplemental material information into this system will make it available to local bookstores for ordering purposes. If you have materials that are not normally handled by the bookstores, you will need to enter the information into this system and also make appropriate arrangements with a supplier.

What if I don't know who will be teaching the course?
Textbook and supplemental material information should be entered into the system by college or department administrators even if no instructor of record has been assigned to the course.

Technical Questions and Pointers

I'm having problems logging in. What should I do?
If you cannot remember your MSU NetID and/or password, visit the MSU NetID site for information and instructions.

Is this a secure (encrypted) and private system to input grades?
All information in the Instructor System is secure (encrypted). Only users with the proper authorization can view and/or input data.

Specific pointers for entering grades online
It is suggested that you enter your grades as soon as possible. If the system becomes too "crowded" on the last day to enter grades, the system may be slow and you may not be able to enter all of your grades on time.

If you are trying the Grade Upload for the first time, you may want to attempt to upload only one section at a time. The instructions for grade uploading can be found on the Grade Upload page. If you do not understand the grade upload process, you must use the Grade Reporting Form on the menu.

Technical Pointers
For security purposes, your connection to the system will terminate after 20 minutes if there has been no activity. "Activity" means changing screens/pages within the system. You will be warned, with pop-up boxes, as you get closer and closer to timing out.

To end your session in the Instructor System, be sure to log out of the system. You can log out from the main menu. As an added security measure, especially for users working in a public setting, close all browser windows.

Cookie Use: Cookies are simply used to track your access as you move through the Instructor System. If your browser is not set to accept cookies, you must turn them on. Consult the help files for your browser for instructions.