Hold Policy

A hold may be placed to prevent you from doing one or more of the following: being admitted or readmitted, enrolling, becoming registered, receiving your diploma or certificate, receiving a transcript, or being processed for financial aid. Among the reasons a hold may be placed are: past due financial obligations to any department, office, or unit of the University, the need to obtain academic advising, or as a result of judicial actions. A complete description of the reasons a hold may be placed and the actions that a hold may prevent can be found in the Academic Programs section of the University catalog.

In order to resolve, or clear a hold, you must contact the college/department/office which placed the hold.

If you have a hold which prevents enrollment you will not be able to adjust your schedule through the enrollment systems. This includes enrolling in a course, adding, changing, or dropping sections. Enrollment holds will be listed on your monthly and Registration Billing Statements and can be reviewed on STU-INFO.

If you have a hold which stops transcripts, no transcripts will be given to you or persons or agencies outside the University.

If you have a hold which stops diplomas, your diploma will not be issued to you.

If you have a hold which stops admission, you will not be able to be admitted or readmitted to the University.

If you have a hold which stops financial aid processing, your financial aid application will not be processed either in whole or in part.

View the Administrative Ruling on Holds on Enrollment, Registration, Readmission, and University Services section from the Academic Programs catalog.

Following is a list of offices placing nonacademic holds:

Accounting-Controller 360 Administration Bldg. 355-5000
Admissions 250 Administration Bldg. 355-8332
Aerospace Studies 104 Bessey Hall 355-2168
ASMSU 307 Student Services Bldg. 353-0659
Associate Provost-Undergraduate Educ. 176 Bessey Hall 884-8693
Biochemistry 212 Biochemistry Bldg. 355-1600
Bookstore Accounting International Center 355-3450
Chemistry Business Office 324 Chemistry Bldg. 353-4557
Delinquent Receivables 110 Administration Bldg. 355-3313
Departmental Receivables 110 Administration Bldg. 355-3313
Dept. of Police Public Safety Building 355-8440
English Language Center A714 Wells Hall 353-0800
Federal Loans Receivables 140 Administration Bldg. 355-5140
Fees, Sponsored Aid and Fellowships 140 Administration Bldg. 355-5050
Financial Aid 259 Student Services Bldg. 353-5940
Financial Analysis 394 Administration Bldg. 355-5029
IM Sports 201 IM Sports West 355-5250
Instructional Media 207 Communication Arts Bldg. 353-3375
Judicial Affairs Office 101 Student Services Bldg. 432-2471
Kellogg Biological Station Hickory Corners, MI 269-671-2354
Library Circulation Desk 355-2333
Military Science 113 Demonstration Hall 355-1913
MSU Health Team Patient Accounts-Clinical Center Lobby 355-5100
Music 102 Music Bldg. 355-5340
Nursing A117 Life Sciences Bldg. 353-4827
Office of Compliance Services 223 Jenison 432-5510
OISS 103 International Center 353-1720
Olin Health Center 128 Olin 355-1709
Registrar 150 Administration Bldg. 355-9615
Returned Checks 110 Administration Bldg. 355-5023
Short Term Loans 140 Administration Bldg. 355-3340
Spartan Child Care 1730 Crescent 353-5154
Student Accounts 140 Administration Bldg. 355-3343
Study Abroad 109 International Center 353-8920
Supportive Services 209 Bessey Hall 353-5210
Travel Advances 360 Administration Bldg. 353-4882