Online Instructor Systems - Administrator Information

Administrator Access

The College Security Administrator grants access to the Department Administrator. The Department Administrator will have access to all classes in the department.

There are two levels of Instructor Systems access offered - the first or both may be given:
  • The first level consists of access to Class Lists and Graded Class Lists, Class Lists with Student Images, Email Students in a Class, and Grades Submission Summary.
  • The second level grants the ability to enter grades.
Note: There is an "Instructor Systems - Textbooks Only" access level. This access allows the user to log in to the Textbook Order System via the Instructor Systems Menu, but not have access to any other functions in the Instructor Systems.

Instructor Access

The Registrar's Instructor Systems and the D2L Course Managment System use data entered in the Course Load, Instruction, Funding and Modeling System (CLIFMS) to grant access to instructors (faculty and graduate assistants appointed as teaching assistants) on a section-by-section basis. The Schedule of Courses uses this information to display instructor names.

The department of the offering course enters instructor information in CLIFMS. Departments can check who is listed in CLIFMS by accessing the Registrar's Who's in CLIFMS? tool.

Instructors listed in CLIFMS with a TYPE of "FA" (paid faculty member), "VO" (volunteer, or unpaid faculty member), "GA" (graduate assistant), and "3A" (early approval graduate assistant) will be granted access to the Instructor Systems and D2L and will be listed in the Schedule of Courses.

Graduate Assistants linked in CLIFMS with a TYPE of "3N" (not approved graduate assistant) will be listed in the Schedule of Courses, but will not have any system access.

Marking a faculty member ("FA" or "VO") as "Supervisor Only" in CLIFMS for a class will allow the faculty member to have full system access, but not display the faculty member's name in the Schedule of Courses.

In order for a graduate teaching assistant ("GA" or "3A") to have access to his/her class(es) in D2L, there must also be a faculty member ("FA" or "VO") listed in CLIFMS for each class. The faculty member can be marked as "Supervisor Only". The faculty member controls a Graduate Assistant's level of D2L access, making changes if necessary.

Additional Information:
  • From the Code of Teaching Responsibility in the Faculty Handbook Instruction section:
    Applicability of the Code of Teaching Responsibility to Student Assistants: Instructors of courses in which assistants are authorized to perform teaching, grading, or other instructional functions shall be responsible for acquainting such individuals with the provisions of this Code and for monitoring their compliance.
    Therefore, every Student Assistant must have a supervising faculty member. This includes Graduate Teaching Assistants.
  • From the GEU/MSU Contract:
    Article 14 Standard Performance Requirements II. B. Employees are responsible for carrying out their duties under the direction, and according to the requirements, of assigned faculty of record or supervisors.
    Article 14 II C. Employees shall be responsible, under faculty of record or supervisor direction, for maintaining the integrity of scholarship, grades and professional standards in instruction.

If a faculty member or teaching assistant has questions or concerns about his/her access to any of these systems, he/she should contact the department offering the course.

CLIFMS Information:
  • Hint: if you have linked a faculty member or graduate teaching assistant and the TYPE appears as "NF" (not found) on the SII UPDATE SCREEN or in the REPORTS section, verify that the spelling of the name is correct.
  • For linking in CLIFMS, non-academic staff teaching classes must have a paid or unpaid academic appointment approved by MSU Human Resources.
  • Updates in CLIFMS will be recognized by the Instructor Systems, D2L, and the Schedule of Courses by the next morning, excluding weekends.
  • For assistance with CLIFMS, contact Bethan Cantwell at 5-9273 or or Margaret Dionise at 4-9461 or in the Office of Planning & Budgets.

For assistance with D2L, please see the D2L Help page.

Grade Submission Summary

The Grade Submission Summary (see the Main Menu) is a tool for college and department administrators to track the classes where grades have been submitted versus classes where grades have not been submitted. This function is only available to administrators, not instructors.

Instructors can monitor their grade submission status by entering the Grade Reporting Form. If the grades have not yet been submitted and the deadline has not passed, the instructor will see a check box, giving him/her the ability to enter the Grade Reporting Form for the class. If the deadline has passed, the message "Past deadline" will appear next to the class. If the grades have been submitted, the message "Grades have been submitted" will appear next to the class.

For any other questions regarding the Instructor Systems, please see the FAQs. If the FAQs do not answer your question, please contact the Registrar's Office.