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The Eli Broad College of Business and The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management

Department of Management

Undergraduate Programs

The management major allows students to explore courses from the several departments within the Broad College. Students enjoy a high degree of flexibility in selecting courses to satisfy the major field of concentration requirement. The student's program of study is designed within the context of the student's personal, academic, and career goals.

Graduates of the management program may seek entry–level positions in business and government which require a breadth of knowledge within the general field of business, as well as specific business–related skills.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management

  1. The graduation requirements of the University as described in the Undergraduate Education section of this catalog; 120 credits, including general elective credits, are required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Management.

    The completion of Mathematics 103 and 124 [referenced in item 2. below] may also satisfy the University mathematics requirement.

    The University's Tier II writing requirement for the Management major is met by completing Management 460.  That course is referenced in item 3. a. (1) below.
  2. The requirements of The Eli Broad College of Business for the Bachelor of Arts degree in the majors that comprise the Business Administration Programs.
  3. The following requirements for the major:
    1. Major Field of Concentration:  A minimum grade–point average of 2.00 in courses in the Major Field of Concentration that consists of courses approved in advance by the student's academic advisor and that must include (15 credits):
      1. MGT    460    Capstone for Management Majors (W) (3)
      2. Four courses at the 300–400 level from Accounting, Finance, General Business and Business Law,  Management, and Marketing and Supply Chain Management, in addition to Management 460.  Two of these courses must be in different areas, excluding Management.  Courses that are used to satisfy BUSINESS CORE PROGRAM requirements [referenced in item 2. of the College's statement on Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in the majors that comprise the Business Administration Programs] may not be used to satisfy this requirement.

With the advance approval of their academic advisors, students who wish to emphasize international business may meet the requirements for the Major Field of Concentration by completing General Business and Business Law 460, Management 460, and three additional 300–400 level courses with an international orientation.  Such courses are offered in the departments of Finance, Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management.