Academic Programs Catalog

Academic Programs is the listing of academic programs, policies and related information. Course Descriptions is the course listing. Together, they comprise the Michigan State University catalog.

Updates to Academic Programs occur after approval of the University Committee on Curriculum (UCC) each September, October, November, January, February, March, and April. This site includes updates from the April 25, 2024 UCC meeting.

Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs.

The University reserves the right to make changes in its programs, policies, rules, regulations, procedures, fees, tuition, housing rates, organizational structure, and faculty and staff through the appropriate University processes. Every effort will be made to give as much advance notice as possible. Items under review are noted.

Michigan State University reserves the right to modify or eliminate programs that are described in this site. In the event such an action is taken, students affected will be advised by their units of the options available to them to complete their degrees. Every reasonable effort will be made to permit students to complete these programs or similar programs.

The University reserves the right to limit enrollments and to change requirements for enrollment in both programs and courses as necessary. When enrollment limitations are imposed, every reasonable effort will be made to provide alternatives for students affected.

It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of and understand University regulations as published.