Undergraduate Degree - Computer Science Major

Computer Science Major
Program Code:
3281 Computer Science
Program Level:
Award Type:
Bachelor of Science
Start Term:
Lyman Briggs College

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Lyman Briggs College

Undergraduate Program

Computer Science Major

  2. Computer Science  
  a. A minimum of 30 credits from the courses listed below including:  
  (1) All of the following courses (24 credits):    
  CSE 231 Introduction to Programming I 4
  CSE 260 Discrete Structures in Computer Science 4
  CSE 320 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
  CSE 330 Algorithms and Data Structures 3
  CSE 410 Operating Systems   3
  CSE 460 Computability and Formal Language Theory 3
  LB 220 Calculus III     4
  (2) At least two of the following courses (6 credits):  
  CSE 420 Computer Architecture 3
  CSE 422 Computer Networks 3
  CSE 435 Software Engineering 3
  CSE 440 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence  3
  CSE 450 Translation of Programming Languages 3
  CSE 452 Organization of Programming Languages 3
  CSE 472 Computer Graphics 3
  CSE 480 Database Systems 3

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