Academic Programs Catalog

General Information, Policies, Procedures and Regulations


Miscellaneous Fees and Deposits

Field Trips

Certain courses require field trips. The costs must be paid by the participating students in addition to the usual course fees.

Administrative Fee for Sponsored International Students

For administration and services (per semester) $350.00
No fee collected for summer session.

Health Insurance Program

International students, and students in the Colleges of Human, Osteopathic, and Veterinary Medicine are required to purchase the Michigan State University health insurance plan unless they have other comparable insurance coverage. Health insurance coverage is provided from August 15 through August 14. Insurance premiums for student annual coverage are collected in two installments.

Fall 2018 Registration Billing Statement: International Student $844
Medical Student $844
Spring 2019 Registration Billing Statement: International Student $844
Medical Student $844

These amounts are included in the Minimum Amount Due on the Registration Bill and must be paid to complete registration. Insurance premiums for coverage of spouse/dependents are to be paid directly to the insurance company.  Students may waive the MSU plan (within certain deadlines) by providing proof of comparable health insurance coverage through another plan. For information on waivers and spouse/dependent coverage, contact the MSU Human Resources, 110 Nisbet Building, 1-517-353-4434 or e-mail Student Insurance at Human Resources at

2017-2018 Annual Premium Rates Domestic Student International Student
Student $1,687.00 $1,687.00
Student/Spouse $3,374.00 $3,374.00
Student/Spouse, One Child $5,061.00 $5,061.00
Student/Spouse, Two or More Children $6,748.00 $6,748.00
Student, One Child $3,374.00 $3,374.00
Student, Two or More Children $5,061.00 $5,061.00
Note: Premiums are subject to change each fall.

Student Motor Vehicle Registration2, 3

Vehicles and Mopeds operated or parked on MSU property by MSU students must be registered with the MSU Parking Office. Failure to do so may result in parking violations and/or visit  to register your vehicle and to view the Student Parking and Driving Regulations. Refer to the Web site for dates to register vehicles.


Moped Permit $50.00
Resident Student (by lot location) (Fall, Spring, and Summer)            $133.00-320.00
Graduate Assistant (Semester) $133.00
Commuter Student (Fall, Spring, and Summer) $108.00
University Apartment Residents (Fall, Spring, and Summer) $133.00-214.00

Bicycle Registration

Any bicycle possessed, operated, or left unattended on campus must be registered, parked and locked at a bike rack and in operable condition; otherwise, it may be impounded and fees assessed to retrieve it. MSU, City of Lansing, City of East Lansing, Lansing Township and Meridian Township registrations (permits) are acceptable. Permits must be current, valid and adhered to the biike's stationary frame-post below the seat, facing the handlebars. Failure to properly display and/or affix the permit may result in bicycle impoundment. Visit to register a bike (make, color and serial number must be included). There is no charge for the permit.

Campus Bus Service4

All campus bus service is provided by the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA) . CATA  bus service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to all University apartments, residence halls, commuter lots, and the main campus during fall and spring semesters. MSU students who lose their bus pass are allowed one replacement pass at no cost per semester only if the original pass is linked to their student ID at the time of purchase or at the MSU ID Office in the International Center. This pertains to student semester and commuter lot passes only. Replacement passes are issued through the MSU ID Office.

Student single ride-with valid MSU ID 


Student 31 Day Pass $18.00
Student Semester Pass $50.00
Student 10 Ride Card $6.00
Commuter Lot Route Pass (Semester) $20.00
Commuter Lot Route Pass (Two-Semester) $33.00

All fares and passes (with the exception of the Commuter Lot Route pass) are good for all on and off-campus fixed route transit service
in the greater Lansing area with CATA.

Paratransit Service is curb-to-curb service designed for persons with disabilities. The CATA cash fare for this service is $2.50 per trip.
Discount fare cards are available for certified students through MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities.

Passes are available online at After August 7th, it is recommended that students purchase a bus pass on campus at: select  Sparty Store locations in each neighborhood, at the MSU ID Office in the International Center, or Department of Police and Public Safety. For more information, e-mail CATA at or call 1-517-394-1000.

Spartan Marching Band Fees

Gloves (per pair) $5.00
Locker Rental (required) $10.00
Shoes $42.00
Uniform Cleaning $90.00

Specific charges are listed in the Marching Band Handbook sent to qualifying students. Early arrival housing fees vary depending on student's housing accommodations. See the Marching Band Handbook for more information.

Certified Copy of Diploma $25.00
Duplicate or Replacement Diploma $50.00
Microfilming Fee for Master's Thesis $20.00
Microfilming Fee for Doctoral Dissertation $20.00
Copyright Fee for Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation $55.00
    This optional fee covers the cost of supplying a microfilm copy of the thesis or dissertation
     to the Library of Congress and copyright processing.

Student Activity Admission

Student discounts on tickets at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts:

MSU students are able, WHEN APPLICABLE, to purchase up to two $19.00 Performing Art Series and up to two $29.00 MSU Federal Credit Union Broadway tickets per valid ID.

Athletic Event Admission

Students who are assessed fees for 12 or more credits (6 or more credits for doctoral students) are eligible for:

  • Student discounts on football, basketball, and/or hockey season tickets for themselves and their spouses.
  •  Free admission to MSU Olympic Sports regular-season, non-championship home games when presenting a current MSU Student ID card. 

1    For additional information refer to Student Health Service at Olin Health Center in this section and in the Other Departments and Offices for Research and Services section of this catalog.
2    Permits purchased subsequent to fall semester are reduced in price proportionately.
3    Freshmen residing in Residence Halls are not eligible to operate a motor vehicle on campus.
4    For additional information refer to the Transportation Services on Campus section of this catalog.