Undergraduate Degree

Computer Science Major

Computer Science Major
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Bachelor of Science
Lyman Briggs College
Lyman Briggs Dean

Excerpt from the official Academic Programs Catalog:

Listed below are the approved requirements for the program from the official Academic Programs Catalog.
Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs.

Lyman Briggs College

Undergraduate Program

Computer Science Major

2. Computer Science
a. A minimum of  37 credits from the courses listed below including:
(1) All of the following courses (28 credits):
CSE 231 Introduction to Programming I 4
CSE 232 Introduction to Programming II 4
CSE 260 Discrete Structures in Computer Science 4
CSE 320 Computer Organization and Architecture 3
CSE 325 Computer System 3
CSE 331 Algorithms and Data Structures 3
CSE 335 Objected-oriented Software Design 4
MTH 314 Matrix Algebra with Computational Applications 3
(2) Computer Science Electives - Complete one of the following concentrations (9 credits):
(a) Systems - Three of the following courses:
CSE  410 Operating Systems     3
CSE  415 Introduction to Parallel Computing   3
CSE  422 Computer Networks     3
CSE  450 Translation Programming Languages    3
CSE  480 Database Systems    3
(b) Intelligent Systems - Three of the following courses:
CSE  402 Biometrics and Pattern Recognition    3
CSE  404 Introduction to Machine Learning   3
CSE  440 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence   3
CSE  482 Big Data Analysis    3
(c) Media - Three of the following courses:
CSE  471 Media Processing and Multimedia Computing    3
CSE  472 Computer Graphics    3
CSE  476 Mobile Application Development   3
CSE  477 Web Application Architecture and Development   3
(d) Security - Three of the following courses:
CSE  425 Introduction to Computer Security   3
CSE  410 Operating Systems     3
CSE  422 Computer Networks    3
(3) Ethics Requirement - One of the following courses:
LB  322A Advances in Science and Technology  - Arts and Humanities (W)     4
LB  322B Advances in Science and Technology - Social Sciences (W)  4
The completion of LB 322A or LB 322B satisfies the ethics requirement for the major, but cannot be counted toward the Lyman Briggs College requirement.