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Rates for University Housing

The rates listed below are for first-year students for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 year. In addition, students living in undergraduate housing will be charged a Residence Halls Association tax of $25 per semester.  Students living in Owen Graduate Hall will be assessed a $8 ($2.50 in summer) Owen Graduate Association tax per semester.

Dining Service for 2024-2025 includes expanded serving hours of 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week, in at least one location per residential zone (East, South, Brody, North, and River Trail). Choices include cooked-to-order stations, retail coffee shops, grab-n-go options, pizza and subs, as well as new selections reflecting emerging dining trends. Note: All plans include free daily access to a Combo-X-Change meal at any of the Sparty's, and retail dining locations on campus.

    Silver Plan - Anytime access. This is the base plan.
    Gold Plan - Anytime access, four guest meal passes and $150 per semester in Spartan Cash.
    Platinum Plan - Anytime access, eight guest meal passes and $300 per semester in Spartan Cash.

Residence Halls — Room and Board (per semester)1, 2, 3

Double Room (per person)




Room rates




Board rates








*  Designated Single Room (add $1,766 per semester)
    Permanent Single Room (add $1,023 per semester)

Owen Graduate Hall (per semester)1, 2, 5

Permanent Single Room Only $3,763.00
Designated Single Room Only $4,435.00

1855 Place Single Student Apartments (monthly rates)6

One Bedroom Studio (Per Resident) $1,119
Two Bedroom Standard (Per Resident) $1,016
Two Bedroom Efficiency (Per Resident) $994
Four Bedroom Townhome (Per Resident) $966
Four Bedroom Flat (Per Resident) $920
Four Bedroom Efficiency (Per Resident) $891

University Apartments,2, 4
1855 Place Family Apartments (monthly rates)

One Bedroom $908
Two Bedroom $1,050

University Village Apartments (monthly rates)

Four Bedroom (per resident) $833

1   Although these rates are for each semester, the Housing Contract is signed for fall and spring. To determine costs for fall and spring, multiply the rate by two.

2    The Housing Contract details the contract termination procedure. Further appeals shall be subject to judicial review as provided in Student Rights and Responsibilities at Michigan State University.

3    Rates do not include resident student government taxes of $25 per semester for undergraduate students who live in residence halls. 
4    Quoted rates are student rates.
5    Dining plans for Owen Hall residents, however, an on-campus housing contract. Room rates do not include student government taxes of $8 ($2.50 in summer) per semester for students who live in the graduate hall.

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