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Psychology - Bachelor of Arts

Psychology - Bachelor of Arts
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Bachelor of Arts
College of Social Science

Excerpt from the official Academic Programs Catalog:

Listed below are the approved requirements for the program from the official Academic Programs Catalog.
Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs.

College of Social Science

Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Programs
Psychology - Bachelor of Arts

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology

  1. The University requirements for bachelor's degrees as described in the Undergraduate Education section of this catalog; 120 credits, including general elective credits, are required for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

    The University's Tier II writing requirement for the Psychology major is met by completing one of the following courses:  Psychology 401, 409, 410, 411, 413, 424, 444, 455, or 493.  Those courses are referenced in item 3. below.
  2. The requirements of the College of Social Science for the Bachelor of Arts degree.
  3. The following required major courses with a minimum grade-point average of 2.00 (31 or 32 credits):
    a. All of the following courses:
    PSY 101 Introductory Psychology 4
    PSY 295 Data Analysis in Psychological Research 3
    PSY 395 Research Design and Measurement in Psychological Research 3
    b. One of the following courses:
    PSY 200 Cognitive Psychology 3
    PSY 209 Brain and Behavior 3
    c. Two of the following courses:
    PSY 235 Social Psychology 3
    PSY 236 Personality 3
    PSY 238 Developmental Psychology: Lifespan 3
    PSY 244 Developmental Psychology: Infancy Through Childhood 3
    PSY 255 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3
    PSY 270 Community Psychology 3
    PSY 280 Psychological Disorders 3
    d. One of the following courses:
    PSY 401 Expertise and Skill (W) 3
    PSY 409 Psychobiology of Behavioral Development (W) 3
    PSY 410 Neuroscience of Learning and Memory (W) 3
    PSY 411 Hormones and Behavior (W) 3
    PSY 413 Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience (W) 4
    PSY 424 Child and Family Psychopathology (W) 3
    PSY 444 Developmental Psychology: Adolescence through Youth (W) 3
    PSY 455 Advanced Topics in Organizational Psychology (W) 3
    PSY 493 Issues in Psychology (W) 3
    e. Electives in Psychology 9
  4. Complete the following mathematics requirement, which will satisfy the university mathematics requirement and departmental requirement:
    a. One of the following courses or placement waiver:
    MTH 103 College Algebra 3
    MTH 103B College Algebra II 3
    MTH 116 College Algebra and Trigonometry 5
    b. One of the following courses:
    LB 118 Calculus I 4
    MTH 101 Quantitative Literacy I 3
    MTH 102 Quantitative Literacy II 3
    MTH 114 Trigonometry 3
    MTH 116 College Algebra and Trigonometry 5
    MTH 124 Survey of Calculus I 3
    MTH 132 Calculus I 3
    MTH 152H Honors Calculus I 3
    STT 200 Statistical Methods 3
    STT 201 Statistical Methods 4