Graduation Application

Candidates for a Bachelor, Master, Doctoral or Professional Degree Application, or Agricultural Technology Certificate

Students who are eligible to graduate from MSU at the end of the Spring 2023 semester, must apply for graduation. The deadline to apply for Spring 2023 graduation is Friday, May 5, 2023, apart from Law whose deadline is Tuesday, May 10, 2023.

Students can apply for graduation by filling out the Graduation Application available at and selecting the Academic Progress tile and clicking the Apply for Graduation link in the left-hand navigation under the Graduation heading. Students who are expecting to graduate this fall but cannot access the graduation application should contact their advisor.

Students intending to participate in a commencement ceremony can register on the commencement website. Students who complete the Spring 2023 graduation application by Monday, February 13, 2023 will have their name included in the commencement program.

*Please note that students with a directory restriction on their account will not have their name printed in the commencement program.

Undergraduates can view the GPA thresholds required for achieving graduation honors by term on the Graduation Honors page.