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EGR 100  Introduction to Engineering Design

Fall of every year, Spring of every year
Total Credits: 2   Lecture/Recitation/Discussion Hours: 1   Lab Hours: 2
((MTH 116 or concurrently) or (MTH 132 or concurrently) or (MTH 152H or concurrently) or (LB 118 or concurrently)) and (WRA 1004 or designated score on English Placement test )
Open to students in the College of Engineering and open to students in the Lyman Briggs College.
Engineering design process as modeled by team-based, interdisciplinary design projects. Roles of engineers and the contributions of engineering in society. Project management, and design of products and processes to specified outcomes under specified constraints. Introduction to computing tools and physical equipment in support of engineering design. Engineering ethics. Oral and written technical communications.
Effective Dates:
SUMMER 2012 - FALL 2014