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PHY 184B  Physics for Scientists and Engineers II

Summer of every year
Total Credits: 4
{(PHY 183 or PHY 183B or PHY 193H or LB 273) or (PHY 231 and PHY 233B) or (PHY 231C and PHY 233B)} and ((MTH 133 or concurrently) or (MTH 153H or concurrently) or (LB 119 or concurrently))
Not open to students with credit in:
LB 274 or PHY 184 or PHY 232 or PHY 232C or PHY 234B or PHY 294H
Electricity and magnetism, electromagnetic waves, light and optics, interference and diffraction. This course is given in the competency based instruction format.
Effective Dates:
FALL 2014 - Open