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General Procedures and Regulations

Class Visitor

A person may be permitted to enroll in credit courses as a visitor on a non-credit basis with appropriate approval. Credit may not be earned in courses taken as a visitor except by re-enrollment for credit in the course, and completion of the course with a satisfactory grade. See the Grading Systems section for additional information.

Students enrolled as visitors are expected to attend classes regularly. Those enrolled who do not attend regularly may be dropped from the class at the request of the instructor.

To be enrolled as a visitor, a student must enroll in the same manner as for credit courses at the university. Students enroll for the course through the student information system and then contact the Office of the Registrar to have the visitor code added to the record. Enrollment in a course may not be changed to or from a visitor basis except during the first 1/14th of the term of instruction (the 5th day of full-term classes in the fall and spring semesters). Such credits as the course normally carries are included as part of the total credit load for which fees are assessed.