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University Housing Policy
Administrative Ruling-University Housing Requirements and Procedures

In accordance with the University Housing Policy, the following stipulations apply:

  1. Freshmen and Sophomores — All freshman and sophomore students, including transfer students (0-55 credits accumulated), are required to reside in university housing, with the following exceptions. The sophomore student (28-55 credits accumulated) requirement may be waived by administrative action on a yearly basis.
    a.    Married students
    b.    Students who will be twenty years of age by the first day of classes of the fall semester.
    c.    Veterans with one or more years of active service
    d.    Students living with parents or legal guardian
    e.    Students taking 6 or fewer credits during the semester in question.
  2. Juniors and Seniors — Juniors and seniors are encouraged to live on campus. The university will always seek to achieve some balance of juniors and seniors in each housing unit.