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University Housing Policy

Michigan State University's housing system seeks to provide an educational environment which is maximally conducive to the learning process of students. Consistent with this philosophy, a variety of living options supported by student fees, is made available in university housing. The university has requirements for on-campus residence to promote an optimal learning environment for students. Any undergraduate student enrolled for seven or more credits at Michigan State University for a semester, summer session excluded, is subject to the university's housing regulations. Compliance with the university housing policy is a condition of enrollment.


Administrative Ruling-University Housing Requirements and Procedures

In accordance with the University Housing Policy, the following stipulations apply:

On-Campus Housing Requirement. Subject to the exceptions below, as a condition of enrollment, first year and second year students must live in on-campus housing for the first four semesters they are enrolled, summer term excluded, and subject to the exceptions listed below. Failure to adhere to the on-campus housing requirement may result in termination of enrollment.

Exceptions to On-Campus Housing Requirement. The on-campus housing requirement above is subject to the following exceptions:

  1. Married students.
  2. Students who will be at least twenty years old by December 31 of the applicable academic year. 
  3. Veterans with one or more years of active service. 
  4. Students living with a family member. 
  5. Students taking 6 or less credits during the semester in question. 
  6. MSU-approved group housing, but only for those students in their second year of enrollment.

Any student seeking an exception to the on-campus housing requirement, must apply for the exception prior to moving into university housing. The most current housing exceptions and procedures for an exception can be obtained by contacting the Office of Student and Community Relations, Student Services Building, 555 E. Circle Drive, Room 169,
East Lansing, MI, 48824, at 1-517-355-8286 or visiting


Those students for whom the housing requirement is a condition of enrollment will be asked to verify their adherence to it. Failure to maintain the required residency could result in termination of enrollment. Enforcement of the housing regulations is the responsibility of the Division of Student Life and Engagement. The housing requirement does not apply to students during a semester in which they are enrolled for 6 or fewer credits or during the summer. In any subsequent semester during which the student carries 7 or more credits, the requirement will again become applicable.


Every student is required to report their correct current address at the time of registration and to report any change of address thereafter. Failure to register the actual address at which they are living, or failure to notify the university of a change of address within five class days after the change becomes effective, will be considered as falsification of university records. Change of off-campus address is made in the Office of the Registrar or via Stulnfo. Change of on-campus address is made in the student's My Housing account. Holds can be placed on accounts not in compliance.

Housing Contract

The Residence Education and Housing Services Housing Contracts is in effect for the period stated in the terms of the Contract. Any student, regardless of class standing, is obligated to fulfill the duration of the Housing Contract unless an authorized release is obtained. (Note: Application for release may be made through Residence Education and Housing Services.) This regulation applies to all students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, special and graduate) who enter into a contract for on-campus housing.


Only those persons who have received official housing assignments may live in university housing.


Special Permission

Special Permission 
Prior to moving into university housing, any new student may apply for an exception to the housing requirements. Information on the housing exception 
procedure and extenuating circumstances criteria for exceptions can be obtained at
Living units that were recognized by the university as ‘supervised’ housing units in the spring of 1983 will continue to be eligible to house students consistent with past practice. Specific conditions that will ensure this eligibility will be developed by the Senior Vice President for Student Life and Engagement or designee and in consultation with appropriate off campus representatives (this could be city or township people, landlords, etc.). The residents of these units must be advised that the unit is neither supervised by nor under the jurisdiction of the university and that the university assumes no responsibility for the program, the facility, or persons associated with the unit.