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Graduation Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree
Mathematics Requirement (Effective Fall 2017)

The university Mathematics requirement ensures that all students build a foundation of quantitative literacy.  Each student must complete the university Mathematics requirement by fulfilling one of the options below:

  1. Complete two of the following courses:
    1. Mathematics 101, 102, or 103.
  2. Complete both of the following:
    1. Mathematics 103; and
    2. One of the following courses: Mathematics 112, 114, 124, 132, 152H, or 201; or Statistics and Probability 200 or 201. Students who place into any course in 2.b. via the Mathematics Placement Exam need only complete the course in 2.b. in order to fulfill the University Mathematics requirement. 
  3. Complete one of the following:
    1. Mathematics 110 or 116.
  4. Waiver through a proctored Mathematics Placement Exam yielding a score resulting in placement in Mathematics 132 (calculus). For additional information, refer to the statement on Academic Placement Tests – Mathematics (Algebra) in the Undergraduate Education section of this catalog.

Students who transfer one of the following: Mathematics 112, 114, or 201; or Statistics and Probability 200 or 201 alone, with no other mathematics course above the level of MTH 1825, must take the Mathematics Placement Exam. Based on the score achieved, additional course work may be required to fulfill the university Mathematics requirement.


Incoming freshmen who have taken a College Board Advanced Placement Examination in Mathematics should consult the statement on Academic Placement Tests. Transfer students should consult the statement on Transfer Student Admission.


For students who are enrolled in Lyman Briggs College, the completion of Lyman Briggs 118 satisfies the university Mathematics requirement.