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Graduation Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music

  1. The University requirements for bachelor’s degrees as described in the Undergraduate Education section of the catalog.
  2. The requirements of the College of Music for the Bachelor of Arts degree that are listed below:
    1. Courses used to satisfy the University Integrative Studies requirement cannot be counted in the fulfillment of any other requirement.
    2. The specific requirements, including a capstone experience, of a major leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in the College.
    3. Second–year competency in a foreign language. This requirement may be satisfied by placing into a 300–level foreign language course based on a Michigan State University  placement test.
    4. Cognate requirement:
      Students must complete two cognates of 12 credits each. Both the cognates and the related courses must be approved by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Music.
      (1)    The courses in each cognate shall be in a single discipline or thematic area.
      (2)    At least one of the cognates must be in a field outside the College of Music .
      (3)     One 300 or 400 level course of at least 3 credits must be included in one of the cognates.
      (4)     Courses at the 300–400 level in the same language that were used to satisfy the foreign language requirement described
                  above in 1.c., or courses at the 100–200 level in another foreign language, may be counted toward this requirement.
    5. Credit requirement:
      (1)    At least 30 credits in courses at the 300 level and above.
      (2)    At least 30, but not more than 54 credits in Music courses including credits in 100-200 level courses in music performance 
                  and ensemble and 100-level courses in music theory.
      (3)    A minimum grade-point average of 2.0 in courses in the major that count toward the degree.