Graduate Certificate

Musicology - Graduate Certificate

Musicology - Graduate Certificate
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Graduate Certification
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Graduate Certificate Program
College of Music

Excerpt from the official Academic Programs Catalog:

Listed below are the approved requirements for the program from the official Academic Programs Catalog.
Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs.

College of Music

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Musicology - Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Musicology, which is administered by the College of Music, is designed for doctoral students in the College of Music who wish to gain additional proficiency in musicology and ethnomusicology. Students in the certificate program develop skills in research, writing, and classroom teaching through course work, training in pedagogy, and independent research projects.

The certificate is available to students who are enrolled in a doctoral degree program in the College of Music at Michigan State University. The student’s program of study must be approved by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in the College of Music
To be considered for the Graduate Certificate in Musicology, a student must be enrolled in a doctoral degree program in the College of Music.

Students must submit the following materials to the area chair of musicology by December 1st:
  1. An 800- to 1000-word personal statement addressing the   applicant’s career plans and research/teaching interests.
  2. A curriculum vitae that includes all relevant education and professional experience.
  3. One transcript from every college or university attended. Transcripts may be unofficial.
  4. A 10- to 15-page research paper demonstrating research ability, including bibliographic citations and/or fieldwork experience.
  5. One letter of recommendation sent by recommender directly to the Area Chair of musicology.
Following initial screening, candidates will be invited to interview with the musicology faculty to determine admissibility. 

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Musicology

Students must complete 17 or 18 credits from the following:
1. The following course (3 credits):
MUS  830 Research Methods and Materials in Music 3
2. Complete 6 credits of musicology at the 800 or 900 level.
3. Complete 6 additional credits of ethnomusicology at the 400, 800, or 900 level. If a 400-level course is to be used to satisfy this requirement, the student must enroll concurrently in 1 credit of the corresponding section of MUS 892A Seminar in Music History.
4. Complete one of the following courses (2 or 3 credits):
MUS  964 Seminar in College Music Teaching 2
MUS  992 Seminar in Musicology 3
5. Complete a capstone project advised and approved by a committee of at least two of the musicology faculty and consisting of one of the following options:
a. A research paper of 15-20 pages that, in most cases, will grow from a seminar paper or project on a topic substantially different than that of the PhD dissertation, the DMA lecture-recital and scholarly document or either of the two lecture-recitals. Alternative formats appropriate to the project (e.g. a lecture-recital) are possible with the approval of the committee.
b. A teaching portfolio consisting of a teaching philosophy, sample syllabi, and sample teaching videos.