Academic Programs Catalog

College of Human Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

Jed Gary Magen, Chairperson

The Department of Psychiatry is administered jointly by the colleges of Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine. The College of Human Medicine is the primary administrative unit.  The department plays a major role in integrating the behavioral sciences with the biological sciences and with clinical science elements of the professional programs of these colleges.  The department’s responsibilities include:  preclinical and clinical medical student teaching, psychiatry residency training, professional continuing medical education (CME), collaborating in graduate medical and psychiatric education with affiliated institutions, developing programs on CME for physicians, contributing to CME programs for other mental health care disciplines, patient care, and research. Areas of research emphasis include: neurocognitive dysfunctions secondary to malaria and AIDS, trace minerals in HIV-infected individuals, and developing research programs including some in collaboration with other clinical departments. The department has extensive telepsychiatry services to multiple sites around the state of Michigan.