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Residence Halls Association

Residence Halls Association (RHA) represents the highest level of undergraduate residence hall government and is the governing body for all undergraduate residence halls. Membership is composed of an elected representative from each hall on campus and from:  Black Student Alliance, Cultural de las Razas Unidas, North American Indian Student Organization, Asian Pacific American Student Organization, Alliance of Queer and Ally Students, Women’s Council, Arab Cultural Society, and Council of Students with Disabilities and area-based caucus groups. RHA is recognized as a legitimate part of the university decision-making process and its purposes include developing communication between individual halls and the university community; sponsoring and coordinating all-university activities for students living in residence halls; formulating policy and regulations pertaining to residence halls students; and representing areas of interest and concern to such students. In addition, RHA sponsors workshops, the Campus Center Cinemas, Movie Rental offices, Spartan Leadership Conference, RHA-TV (channels 11 and 12), RHA Karaoke, concerts, and special events. All residents of Michigan State University undergraduate residence halls are members of RHA and may exercise their voting rights and opinions through the representatives of their respective halls. A tax is collected during registration for fall and spring semesters from each undergraduate and graduate student living in a residence hall to support the activities listed above. The fall and spring only tax also supports the functions of each hall government. Contact RHA at: