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Recreational Sports and Fitness Services

Recreational Sports and Fitness Services are dedicated to promoting learning experiences by engaging the University community in healthy lifestyles through sport, fitness and recreational opportunities. 

Programs are facilitated through the following fully accessible facilities.

IM SPORTS WEST, our largest facility, provides courts for paddleball, racquetball, handball, and squash; gyms for basketball, volleyball, and badminton; a turf arena for soccer, tennis and club sports, an indoor swimming pool; a cycling studio and a contemporary fitness center.

IM SPORTS EAST provides courts for basketball, volleyball, paddleball, racquetball, wally ball, and squash; a four-lane running track; a fitness center; a cycling studio and a multipurpose room for group fitness classes.

IM SPORTS CIRCLE, an accessible facility, contains gymnasiums for basketball and badminton; a swimming pool; and a multipurpose activity room. 

DEMONSTRATION HALL arena is used for intramural leagues, club sports and adaptive recreation. Please search our website for adaptive sports offered. 

MSU SAILING CENTER provides learn-to-sail classes for adults and children. You may also rent stand up paddleboards, canoes and kayaks. For more information visit

Outdoor Space: 27 acres of outdoor recreational field space where many of our intramural sports are played. Be sure to check out the new turf complex on Service road. Two fully lighted turf fields open fall 2022. Lighted tennis courts, sand volleyball and basketball courts.

You may also join our structured competitive intramural sports or try out for one of the twenty Club Sport teams. Learn to Swim or Sail in our non-credit classes. 

Activate your membership for our facilities online. We have fitness centers at IM Sports West and IM Sports East. You can also join in-person and online Group Exercise classes. Drop in to play a variety of sports shoot some hoops or swim laps.

For more information, visit,  Facebook MSU-Recreational-Sports-And-Fitness-Services, Instagram @ MSU_RecSports, or visit YouTube at