Academic Programs Catalog

General Information, Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Off-Campus Housing

Staff members in the office provide general advice and information to persons with problems arising from off-campus housing situations. Students are also encouraged to visit for local listings and general information. Off-campus dining plans are available for purchase.

Fraternity and Sorority Community

Many of Michigan State University's 61 nationally and internationally affiliated fraternities and sororities offer chapter houses in which their members may live in accordance with the Group Housing program. Chapter members are responsible for the business aspects of managing a chapter house, as well as providing activities addressing leadership development, community service, sports and recreation, social life, alumni relations, accountability and responsibility for their members. For more information on this collegiate living experience, contact Fraternity and Sorority Life at 1-517-355-8286.

Cooperative Living Units

A unique type of living experience for Michigan State University students is provided in student housing cooperatives. Students own and operate their own houses and are responsible for governance, maintenance, budgeting and meal planning. Cooperative principles affirm democratic control and open membership to any interested student. The housing cooperatives are all located near the campus and vary in size from 12 to 50 members. Additional information about cooperative housing may be obtained from at

Religious Living Units

In general, living in religious living units is similar to living in other residences with the addition of a denominational religious experience. These units include Living ROCK (men), East Lansing Student Living Center (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), and the Hillel Jewish Student Center.