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Principles and Instructions Governing MSU Student Identification


  1. Each student of Michigan State University is issued an identification (ID) card following initial enrollment.
  2. The ID card is the property of Michigan State University.
  3. Library privileges, access to university buildings, facilities and classrooms, and purchase of tickets and entry into athletic and entertainment events may require the possession and presentation of the ID card upon request.
  4. Alteration, falsification, or misuse of the ID card is a violation of General Student Regulation 5.00 and other regulations as applicable.



  1. Each student is responsible for all use of the ID card whether authorized or unauthorized. The ID card should not be loaned, or left where it might be used by an unauthorized person.
  2. In case the ID card is lost, go online at  to deactivate meals and Spartan Cash and call the main Library 1-517-355-2333 immediately. Each student is responsible for all materials checked out of the libraries with the ID card.
  3. Replacement Costs -   $20.00

Replacement ID cards are made in the MSU ID office, 170 International Center. Pictured ID is required. The charge will be applied to a student receivables account.


Student Spouses

Spouses of registered students may obtain IDs entitling them to certain privileges. The student and spouse must appear in person in  170 International Center and present the student’s Michigan State University ID and proof of marriage. There is no charge for the initial spouse card.