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Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative

University Advising

University Advisors are housed in each Engagement Center across campus. They assist students with adjusting to university life, guide students in the selection of a major, facilitate and support academic skill building, and make appropriate referrals to enable students to take advantage of other resources and services the university offers. Neighborhood Advisors' efforts promote self- sufficiency, self-responsibility and self-development that will enable students to achieve academic, career and life goals long after their days on the MSU campus have passed.
Students who declare major preferences are assigned to academic advisors in the colleges of their major preferences. University Advising also enrolls and is administratively responsible for Exploratory Preference Majors and students with less than 56 credits who are not admitted to a college (including James Madison College, Lyman Briggs College, and Residential College in the Arts and Humanities). University Advising is responsible for coordinating administrative actions (withdrawals, late drops, readmissions, etc.) and making decisions concerning retention and academic status.