Academic Programs Catalog

College of Human Medicine

Department of Orthopedics

Micah Ephraim Lissy, Chairperson

The Department of Orthopedics is administered jointly by the colleges of Osteopathic Medicine and Human Medicine. The College of Osteopathic Medicine is the primary administrative unit. The Department of Orthopedics aims to provide the best care with all aspects of bone, joint disorders, and orthopedic disease processes.  We seek advanced understanding and treatment options of these conditions through research and other scholarly work, and educate the next generation of physicians, scientists, and providers in the field both locally and globally. The department’s responsibilities include:  preclinical and clinical medical student teaching, preclinical and clinical physician assistant student teaching, Primary Care and Orthopedic Surgery residency training, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship training, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sports Medicine Fellowship training, and Physician Extender Resident training.