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Music Career Development - Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Music Career Development increases students’ awareness of the diversity of careers and roles in the music field, and supports students developing varied interests during their program, encouraging heterogeneity of thought and artistic development. The certificate is available to masters or doctoral students in the College of Music at Michigan State University. Students who wish to complete the certificate must consult with the Director of Career Services and Music Entrepreneurship prior to beginning course work in the program.

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Music Career Development

Complete a minimum of 9 credits as specified below:
1. Both of the following courses (3 or 4 credits):
MUS 496 Your Music Business 1 or 2
MUS 893 Topics in Music Entrepreneurship 2
2. One of the following courses (1 or 2 credits):
MUS 865 Capstone in Music Career Development 1 or 2
MUS 866 Graduate Internship in Music 1 or 2
3. Two of the following courses (4 to 6 credits):
ACM 461 Financial Management and Planning of Arts, Cultural and Museum Management 3
ACM 462 Marketing and Public Relations in Arts, Cultural, and Museum Management 3
ACM 463 Event Production and Planning for Arts and Culture 3
ACM 801 Introduction to Arts, Cultural Management, and Museum Studies 3
MUS 442 Advanced Techniques in Real Time Performance 2
MUS 487 Music Preparation and Presentation 2
MUS 494 Musicians' Health and Wellness 2
MUS 830 Research Methods and Materials in Music 3
MUS 844 Secondary or Special Emphasis: Piano 1
MUS 845 Secondary or Special Emphasis: Voice 1
MUS 846 Secondary or Special Emphasis: String 1
MUS 847 Secondary or Special Emphasis: Brass 1
MUS 848 Secondary or Special Emphasis: Woodwind 1
MUS 877 Scoring for Orchestra and Band 2
MUS 893 Topics in Entrepreneurship 2
MUS 894 Seminar in Musicians' Health and Wellness 1
MUS 896 Master's Performance 1 or 2
MUS 964 Seminar in College Music Teaching 2
MUS 996 Doctoral Performance 1 or 2
Students who select MUS 442 must enroll in the Film Scoring section.  Students who select MUS 896 or MUS 996 must enroll in section 810, which is designated for instruction in chamber music. With the approval of the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, students may substitute other appropriate courses to fulfill this requirement.
4. Attend six Running Start workshops sponsored by the College of Music Office of Career Services and Music Entrepreneurship.