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College of Human Medicine

Leadership in Rural Medicine - Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Rural Medicine trains students to possess a special set of knowledge, skills and attitudes enabling them to better understand address the medical needs and provision of healthcare to individuals living in rural and remote communities. The graduate certificate is available to students currently pursuing the Professional Program in Human Medicine leading to the Doctor of Medicine degree.

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Rural Medicine

Students must successfully complete the following:

1. Participation in 100 hours of leadership in rural medicine didactic/experiential learning.
2. Participation in 100 self-directed volunteer or clinical service hours in a rural community as approved by the leadership in rural medicine director.
3. Completion of two of the following courses:
FM 616 Rural Family Practice Elective 6
HM 632 Rural Community Health 6
HM 633 Advanced Rural Community Health 6
4. Successful completion of the Rural Community Health Program Portfolio or the Rural Physician Community assignment and presentation.