Academic Programs Catalog

Lyman Briggs College

Undergraduate Program

History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science Major

A minimum of 24 credits in 300–400 level courses chosen from the following with History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science content approved by the student's HPS academic advisor. Courses used to fulfill the Lyman Briggs College graduation requirements and LB 492 may not be used to fulfill these requirements. A minimum of four courses from Lyman Briggs must be selected. Additional courses outside of Lyman Briggs may be used with advisor approval. 
CSUS 310 History of Environmental Thought and Sustainability 3
CSUS 463 Food Fight: Politics of Food 3
CSUS 464 Environmental and Natural Resource Policy in Michigan 3
ENG 473A Literature and Medicine 3
FW 439 Conservation Ethics 3
GEO 435 Geography of Health and Disease 3
HST 420 History of Sexuality since the 18th Century 3
HST 425 American and European Health Care since 1800 4
HRT 486 Biotechnology in Agriculture: Applications and Ethical Issues 3
IBIO 446 Environmental Issues and Public Policy 3
LB 304 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) and Sexuality Studies 3
LB 321A Science and the Public- Arts and Humanities (W) 4
LB 321B Science and the Public- Social Sciences (W) 4
LB 322A Advances in Science and Technology- Arts and Humanities (W) 4
LB 322B Advances in Science and Technology-Social Sciences (W)  4
LB 323A Science in a Global Context- Arts and Humanities (W) 4
LB 323B Science in a Global Context- Social Sciences (W) 4
LB 324A Science and Sex, Gender, Sexuality- Arts and Humanities (W) 4
LB 324B Science and Sex, Gender, Sexuality- Social Sciences (W) 4
LB 325A Science and the Environment- Arts and Humanities (W) 4
LB 325B Science and the Environment- Social Sciences (W) 4
LB 326A Medicine and Health- Arts and Humanities (W) 4
LB 326B Medicine and Health- Social Sciences (W) 4
LB 327A Scientific Practice- Arts and Humanities (W) 4
LB 327B Scientific Practice- Social Sciences (W)  4
LB 490E Advanced Direct Study- History, Philosophy, of Science (W) 1 to 4
MC 351 Science and Social Policy 4
PHL  380 Nature of Science 3
PHL 462 Philosophy of Mind 3
PHL 480 Philosophy of Science 4
SOC 368 Science, Technology, and Society 4
SOC 452 Advanced Seminar in Environmental Sociology 3
SOC 475 Health and Society 3