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Office of Financial Aid

Keith Williams, Executive Director

The core mission of the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) is to assist Michigan State University students in funding their educational costs through federal, state, private, and institutional financial assistance that includes grants, scholarships, fellowships, work programs, and loans.  Approximately 75% of all MSU students receive some form of financial aid.

Approximately one-half of all financial aid is awarded based upon financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which is completed annually by students and parents online at

OFA staff members advise students through individual meetings, phone calls, and e-mail regarding both short-and long-term financial assistance.  Additionally, they provide general college financing information for students, parents, faculty, staff, high school counselors, and prospective students through a variety of workshops, presentations, and events.

For information on available aid and the application process, visit the Office of Financial Aid Web site at, e-mail, or call 1-517-353-5940. Dedicated access email addresses and phone lines are available for graduate and professional students and can be found on the OFA website.


Office of Academic Governance

The Secretary for Academic Governance directs the Office of Academic Governance and serves as secretary and parliamentarian to the Academic Congress, University Council, Steering Committee, Faculty Senate, and University Committee on Academic Governance. The Office of Academic Governance provides staff support to various academic governance bodies, manages university-wide elections, and assists colleges, departments, and schools with parliamentary inquiries and the preparation and interpretation of unit bylaws.

For more information, visit, e-mail, or call 1-517-355-2337.

Student-Athlete Support Services

Todd Edwards, Executive Director

Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) provides each student-athlete with guidance, resources and support that will enhance their development both academically and personally. This is accomplished within a proactive success driven environment that delivers quality academic services and career development opportunities.

Academic, personal and professional support is essential to college success, and Michigan State University Student-Athlete Support Services (SASS) helps student-athletes from our 23 varsity sports reach their full potential.

The SASS philosophy is to offer an academic support program, integrated with University programming, dedicated to assisting student-athletes with the transition into college. This all-encompassing support continues throughout each student-athletes collegiate career until the day they receive a diploma, lands a job, or enters graduate school.

The SASS staff, knowledgeable about NCAA and Big Ten regulations, consists of eight academic coordinators and three learning specialists. These staff members work proactively building academic profiles on each student-athlete to help uphold their rigorous academic and athletic schedules. They do this by assessing individual needs, gathering daily information on academic progress, providing academic assistance through a broad tutorial program, and assisting the development of learning strategies. Freshmen, transfer student-athletes, and those with learning disabilities receive extra attention while adjusting to their new routines in college. There are also three staff members dedicated to working in student-athlete development, which includes career development and services.

With a nationally recognized facility, the Clara Bell Smith Student-Athlete Academic Center (the Smith Center), SASS offers a wide range of services including; academic counseling, computer lab access, tutoring in all subject areas, career planning and services, community service opportunities, personal development workshops, assisting in monitoring athletic eligibility, providing priority registration, and making sure that athletes are advised about current NCAA, Big Ten and University rules and regulations.

Visit or call 1-517-355-2204.

WorkLife Office

Jamie Hutchison , Director

The WorkLife Office (WLO) supports faculty, staff, and postdocs with family care needs (including childcare, adult care, and elder care), career transitions, workplace, well-being, and assisting newcomers with relocation and community resources, along with research into best practices for workplace wellness, including flexible work arrangements  in a contemporary employment setting. Education and support around workplace dynamics, resources, and climate are provided.

The WLO collaborates with partners across campus and in the community. Through consultation, education, resources, and referrals, the WLO staff coordinates services to provide support to faculty and staff at MSU to ensure more satisfying and productive careers.

Visit:, e-mail, or call 1-517- 353-1635.