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Shannon Lynn Burton, University Ombudsperson

The University Ombudsperson is appointed by the President to help students resolve disputes in a confidential, impartial, independent, and informal manner. After assessing the validity of each complaint, the University Ombudsperson advises students on possible remedies and, where indicated, actively assist students in securing a fair resolution of the matter. The Ombudsperson also advises faculty, administrators, and staff of university policies and regulations that might guide their decisions. To support these efforts, the Office of the University Ombudsperson has broad powers of investigation, including direct and ready access to university officers and faculty and to official records. Communication with the Office of the University Ombudsperson does not put the university on notice. The Office of the University Ombudsperson was established in 1967 with the adoption of Student Rights and Responsibilities at Michigan State University. For further information, see, or e-mail or call 1-517-353-8830.