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General Procedures and Regulations

Counterfeiting, Altering and Copying MSU Ordinances, 14.00

14.01 False copy
14.02 Possession of false copy
14.03 Unauthorized keys

.01  No person with intent to injure or defraud shall falsely make, forge, manufacture, print, reproduce, copy, tamper with, or alter, any writing, record, document or identification used or maintained by Michigan State University.

.02  No person shall knowingly possess, display or cause or permit to be displayed any writing, record, document, or identification form used or maintained by Michigan State University knowing the same to be fictitious, altered, forged, counterfeited or made without proper authority.

.03 No person without proper authority shall knowingly possess, make, or cause to be made, any key, card, or unlocking device, to operate any lock or locking mechanism used or maintained by Michigan State University.