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General Information, Policies, Procedures and Regulations

General Procedures and Regulations

Protection of University Functions and Services General Student Regulations, 5.00

Functions, services, and processes of the University must be protected if the institution is to be effective in discharging its responsibilities; therefore, no student shall:

5.01 knowingly provide false information to any office, agency, or individual acting on behalf of the University.
5.02 obstruct, disrupt, or interfere with the functions, services, or directives of the University, its offices, or its employees (e.g., classes, social, cultural, and athletic events, computing services, registration, housing and food services, governance meetings, and hearings).
5.03 alter or forge any University document and/or record, including identification materials, issued or used by the University.
5.04 allow any University equipment, document and/or record, including identification materials, issued by the University for one’s own use to be used by another.
5.05 use any University equipment document and/or record for other than its authorized purpose, including identification materials issued to another.
5.06 act or represent oneself as an agent of the University (including the ability to provide University services) unless authorized to do so.
5.07 fail to properly identify oneself or present University-issued identification when requested to do so by a non-law enforcement University employee acting in the performance of assigned job responsibilities or who has a reasonable suspicion that the student may be involved in the violation of a University policy or regulation.
5.08 sell or make contracts for purchase or delivery of any commercial merchandise or services for personal profit or gain, or solicit voluntary contributions for organizations, without proper authorization.
5.09 violate other University policies or regulations, including University housing policies.