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General Procedures and Regulations

Credit by Examination

The credit-by-examination option is available to qualified students. Examination may take the form of course or laboratory projects, written or oral reports, evidence of satisfactory skill performance, etc. Enrollment is subject to the provisions detailed below.

Some courses are especially designated for credit by examination in the Schedule of Courses (sections numbered 999). Students who wish to avail themselves of this option must do so through the regular enrollment procedure.

The credit-by-examination option may also be made available in courses not so designated in the Schedule of Courses. Instructors will consider requests from interested students, and may recommend to the unit administrator the offering of an ad hoc credit-by-examination section to accommodate the needs of particular students. Following approval by the unit administrator, regular enrollment procedures apply.


  1. The credit-by-examination system is designed to serve students who have the capability and discipline for independent learning. Students who are in academic difficulty should not use it.
  2. Enrollment must be by approval of the department or school. Before approval is given, department and school offices and/or designated instructors will provide the student with a written statement of the materials and skills to be mastered, and the manner in which proficiency is to be demonstrated.
  3. The credit-by-examination procedure is not intended, and should not be construed, as a tutorial system, or as a system comparable to regular class enrollment: students must not expect tutorial assistance from professors, and professors must not expect students to attend class.
  4. Units should exclude from this option those courses in which class attendance and participation are an integral part of the instruction.
  5. Academic standards shall be comparable to those applying to regular courses.
    5.1    A failing grade should be reported to the Registrar in cases of failure to appear for the examination, or failure to demonstrate stipulated minimum proficiency. The I-incomplete or DF-deferred or ET-extension symbol for the postponement of a grade may be used in extraordinary circumstances, providing appropriate documentation is placed in the record by the instructor and approved by the assistant or associate dean.
    5.2    Credit-by-examination may not be employed as a means of repeating a course in which a low or failing grade was received, either through regular enrollment or by examination.
  6. Implementation of the policy is the responsibility of unit administrators, Deans, and the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Undergraduate Studies.