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General Procedures and Regulations

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Certification

Michigan State University provides information about students receiving educational assistance benefits to the Department of Veterans Affairs, in accordance with federal regulations and university policy. Only credits in courses that are in accordance with Department of Veterans Affairs regulations will be certified. Students receiving Department of Veterans Affairs educational assistance benefits are held to the same standards of academic progress and social conduct as all other students.  

Veterans’ education benefits are based upon the actual start and end date for each course and may vary throughout the semester. In order to receive benefits as a full-time student under programs administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, students must carry the following minimum credits in standard (15 to 19 weeks) full semester fall or spring
courses: undergraduate and graduate-professional students, 12 credits; master’s level students, 9 credits; and doctoral level students, 6 credits. Minimum credits for summer sessions are dependent on the specific benefit.