Academic Programs Catalog

General Information, Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Other Costs

Mandatory, Refundable Fees (per semester) (2021-22)

Student Taxes
Undergraduate Students (ASMSU) $21.00
FM Radio Tax (all degree students) $3.00
Graduate Students (COGS)2 $11.00
Graduate-Professional Medical Students (COGS and COMS)3 $12.50
James Madison College Student Senate Tax $2.00
State News
All students enrolling for 6 credits or more $7.50

1The major specific program fees and International Student Fee are refunded in the same percentage as course fees when withdrawing from the University or dropping from above 4 credits to 4 credits or less.
2 The COGS tax for summer session is $5.00.
3 The COGS and COMS tax for summer session is $6.50.

Mandatory, Non-Refundable Fees (per semester)

Late Enrollment

Fall and Spring Semesters:

Continuing students who do not enroll prior to the initial enrollment deadline $50.00
Students who initially enroll after the start of classes $100.00

Summer Sessions:

Continuing students who do not enroll prior to the first day of their class $50.00
Students who enroll for a class after the midterm of the term of instruction of their course $100.00

Bad Check Charges (Includes rejected electronic checks, i.e. ACH)
These fees are assessed as the result of a check/ACH that fails to clear the customers bank $25.00
Student Receivable or short term loan account payments being made after the due date $30.00
Short term loan payments made after the due date $25.00