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Advanced Payments and Deposits

Application Fee

Domestic Undergraduate and Graduate Applicants $65.00
International Undergraduate and Graduate Applicants $75.00

An application fee, not applicable to any other charge and not refundable, is required of each person applying for admission as an undergraduate, graduate-professional or graduate student. Payment must accompany the application that is submitted to the Office of Admissions. A domestic applicant who is financially unable to submit the application processing fee may request an application fee waiver (note that international students are not eligible for these waivers and they are rarely granted for graduate school applicants).

Advanced Enrollment Deposit $250.00

All entering undergraduate students are required to pay a $250 Advanced Enrollment Deposit (AED). First-year students planning a fall semester enrollment should submit a deposit as soon as they have decided to enroll at MSU, but no later than May 1. MSU reserves the right to cancel a student's admission if they do not submit their deposit by May 1. Any student planning to enroll for either the spring or summer semester should submit the deposit within four weeks from the date of their admission.

Payment by the student confirms acceptance of admission, reserves the student a place in the entering class, and automatically registers the student for a required New Student Orientation (NSO). An admitted student who is financially unable to submit the AED may request a deferral by contacting the Office of Admissions. If you qualified for an application fee waiver, a portion of your deposit will be deferred automatically to the first tuition bill. 

The $250 AED is fully refundable to fall first-year students who cancel their admission prior to May 1. To receive a refund, students must cancel their application in their account by clicking the “cancel application” link, after which MSU will automatically process a refund. Please note that the deposit is nonrefundable for first-year students enrolling for spring and summer semesters, as well as for all transfer students.