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Academic Standing of Undergraduate Students
Final Probation

A student is on final probation if during the most recent previous semester in attendance, the student was on probation and at the end of the semester the cumulative grade–point average was still below 2.00 and the semester grade–point average was at least 2.00. Students with fewer than 30 credits earned at Michigan State University must have a semester grade–point average of 1.5 or higher. Grades of I and ET are not considered in computing the cumulative or semester grade–point average. The period of final probation is one semester. If in the special case there are grade changes during that semester which result in the student's grade–point average increasing to at least a 2.00, the student is returned to good standing.

Students on final probation may be required to see an academic advisor. If they do not, a hold may be placed on their registration. At the end of the semester on final probation, the cumulative grade–point average must be at least 2.00 or the student will be recessed. An exception to this can be made for students with 30 or fewer credits earned at Michigan State University.  If such a student has shown substantial progress during the semester and the evidence suggests that the student would attain good standing in one more semester, the student may be granted one additional semester on (extended) final probation at the discretion of the associate dean of the student's college.