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Undergraduate Education


Guest Status at Another Institution

MSU students may attend other institutions as Guest Students or Non–matriculated Students for short periods of time with the purpose of earning credit for transfer to Michigan State University.

Students planning to attend institutions within the State of Michigan should use the Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application form available at Students who wish to attend non-Michigan institutions should apply to the host institution. The completed application should be submitted to the host school.

A student wishing to take courses at another institution should consult an academic advisor or the Transfer MSU course equivalency table at to assure transferability.

A minimum grade of 2.0 must be earned in each course in order for the credit to be transferred to Michigan State University.

Students may transfer a maximum of 60 credits from two-year institutions. Those credits may be earned and transferred into MSU at any time in the student’s degree.  No more than 10 of the last 30 total credits toward a degree may be transferred without approval by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of Undergraduate Studies.  Only grades of 2.0 and above are eligible for transfer credit.