Academic Programs Catalog

Undergraduate Education

Semester Credit Load

All undergraduate baccalaureate programs require a minimum of 120 credits. Most programs are designed so a student starting a program as a first-year student may finish in 8 semesters by satisfactorily completing an average of 15 credits a semester.  In practice, students usually carry 12 to 18 credits a semester depending on personal circumstances and the chosen program of study. Students with less than a 2.50 grade–point average (GPA) the preceding semester should not enroll for more than 16 credits except when required by the specific program. Only under extraordinary circumstances will a student be permitted to carry more than 20 credits.

A student with less than satisfactory academic performance may be required to take a reduced credit load as a condition of continued registration in the university.

Full-Time Students

Undergraduate students must carry at least 12 credits a semester or summer session to:

  1. participate in intercollegiate athletics.
  2. qualify for the Dean's List for the semester.
  3. qualify for most scholarships, awards, and financial aids. Most of these are limited to undergraduate students carrying at least 12 credits a semester excluding credits for any course carried as a visitor.  Students should determine the specific requirements from the appropriate agency or contact the Office of Financial Aid.
  4. be certified in full-time status to loan agencies and other external entities.

Students participating in authorized 40 hour/week internships or cooperative work programs are considered full time for all the purposes listed above.

Federal agencies such as the Department of Education, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Department of Homeland Security may have separate and distinct full-time status requirements.