Academic Programs Catalog

College of Education

Undergraduate Programs

The College of Education offers three bachelor's degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education (PK-12 education), the Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, and the Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education. The College also offers a Minor in Educational Studies.

For additional information, refer to the Department of Teacher Education for the major in elementary education, the Department of Kinesiology for the major in Kinesiology, and the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education for the major in special education.

The college offers prospective teachers interested in teaching in urban schools opportunities for admission to the Urban Educators Cohort Program. The college also offers prospective teachers with an interest in global education to be admitted to the Global Educators Cohort program. Students interested in these programs submit a supplemental application to the College of Education after being admitted to Michigan State University. See and for details.

Admission to the College of Education

Students seeking admission to any of the College of Education’s undergraduate majors must meet the specific admission criteria and process for the major. For information about admission to the Kinesiology major, refer to the Admission section in the Department of Kinesiology section of this catalog. For information about admission to the Elementary Education and Special Education majors, refer to the Admission to the Teacher Certification Program section under Teacher Certification in the Department of Teacher Education section of this catalog.

Honors Study

The College of Education encourages honor students to develop rich and distinctive programs of study. Each Honors College member is assigned a special advisor who is responsible for helping the student plan a balanced and rigorous course of study. Students are encouraged, when appropriate, to enroll in graduate seminars, to work on research projects with college faculty and to take full advantage of honors courses offered outside of the College of Education.