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Center for Global Innovations in Development, Engagement, and Scholarship (Global IDEAS)

Allan Hruska, Director

Global Innovations in Development, Engagement, and Scholarship (Global IDEAS) catalyzes interdisciplinary thought, research, and action to solve global challenges in an international development context. We facilitate communities of practice; build partnerships and community, identify opportunities for faculty and staff to develop proposals, and provide a suite of services in proposal development and program implementation that includes effective and timely management of project start-up. 

Global IDEAS offers services to MSU faculty and researchers interested in engaging in international development. Via the Community of Practice on Global Development, we bring together MSU colleagues into conversations with important stakeholders on campus, across the country, and around the globe. These sessions deepen and broaden the contacts, networks, and discussions of challenges and potential opportunities to engage directly in their mitigation. 

Global IDEAS provides ongoing tools and services to faculty members to identify research team members and funding opportunities. This includes a weekly funding newsletter, an online database of funding opportunities, and a database of over 1300 MSU faculty and researchers engaged in international work. Our team also manages and uses the International Data Portal that provides public-facing information about MSU’s international engagement and helps to build new partnerships.

Global IDEAS supports and coordinates larger international development proposals. We provide a suite of services in proposal development, including partner negotiation, budget preparation and routing, timeline and task identification and agreements, proposal review and evaluation, packaging and submission. We also support project start-up, especially during the first six-month period.

We work with partners around the world in the context of our Equitable Partnership policy. Global IDEAS supports teams of researchers and innovators and MSU leadership to strategically build our global community and deepen our global impact within the framework of MSU strategic plan.