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General Procedures and Regulations

Mark of Achievement

Any student (undergraduate or graduate/professional) whose progression towards degree completion is halted due to extraordinary or rare circumstances, such as the onset of terminal illness or an accident/injury that prevents the student from completing the degree or in the case of the student’s death, is eligible for a Mark of Achievement as long as that student was an active student in good standing at MSU at the time of the onset of the extraordinary or rare circumstance or at the time of death.

Requests for the Mark of Achievement may be initiated by the student, if applicable, the student's family, the faculty of the department/school/college, or an MSU administrator. Requests from the student, if applicable, or the student’s family can be made through the Critical Incident Response Unit or to the department/school/college for initial review. The Provost will be notified by the Dean or Vice Provost for Undergraduate or Graduate Education of the request for the Mark of Achievement. The Provost will confirm with the Registrar that the student was an active student in good standing. If confirmed, the Mark of Achievement is approved. The Mark of Achievement will note progress made toward the degree level (e.g., Bachelor, Master or Doctoral).