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College of Communication Arts and Sciences

Specialization in Design (this program is in moratorium effective Fall 2015 through Fall 2019)

The Specialization in Design complements the depth of knowledge students acquire in their respective majors with a multidisciplinary understanding across a range of design areas. Students learn the foundations of design, develop core competencies in their primary area of study, broaden their understanding of how design is incorporated into human communication and the products humans make, learn to use specialized tools, and work in a collaborative interdisciplinary environment.

The Specialization in Design is jointly administered by the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and the Department of Art, Art History, and Design within the College of Arts and Letters. The College of Communication Arts and Sciences is the primary administrative unit. The specialization is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs at Michigan State University. Students in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations; the Department of Art, Art History, and Design; the School of Journalism; and the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media may find this specialization of particular interest.

Students who are interested in the specialization are eligible to apply if they have completed the prerequisite courses listed below or have completed one of the prerequisite courses and are enrolled in the second prerequisite course. Students must be in their second semester or later, or equivalent, at Michigan State University. To apply, students must submit an application consistent with the process outlined by either the Department of Art, Art History, and Design or the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. Applications are due by the end of the fifth week of the spring semester and will be reviewed prior to annual enrollment. Academic performance will also be considered and oral interviews may be requested.

With the approval of the department that administers the student’s degree program, courses that are used to satisfy the requirements for the specialization may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the bachelor’s degree. The student’s program of study must be approved by the student’s academic advisor for the specialization.

Prerequisite Courses
STA    110    Drawing I (3)
STA    113    Color and Design (3)

Requirements for the Specialization in Design

The students must complete 14 to 17 credits as specified below.

1. Complete two of the following courses (5 or 6 credits):  
  CAS 112 Story, Sound and Motion 2
  STA 114 Three-Dimensional Form 3
  STA 360 Graphic Design I: Graphic Form 3
  STA 370 Photography I 3
  TC 247 Three-Dimensional Modeling and Design  3
2. Complete at least two courses outside of the student’s major, selected from the following (6 to 8 credits):  
  Game and Interactive Media Design  
  TC 346 Web and Mobile Game Design 3
  TC 347 Three-Dimensional Computer Animation 3
  TC 349 Client-Side Web Development 3
  TC 445 Game Design and Development I 3
  TC 447 Advanced Three-Dimensional Animation Workshop (W) 3
  TC 455 Game Design and Development II 3
  Video and Audio        
  CAS 201 Audio and Video in Media Settings I 1
  CAS 202 Audio and Video in Media Settings II 1
  TC 341 Film Style Production for Cinema and Television 3
  TC 342 Multi Camera Production for Television 3
  TC 343 Basic Audio Production 3
  TC 351 Producing for Cinema and Television 3
  TC 442 Design of Cinema and Television Projects (W) 3
  TC 443 Audio Industry Design and Management (W) 3
  Advertising Design  
  ADV 322 Copy Writing and Art Direction 3
  ADV 324 Introduction to Creative Media 3
  ADV 326 Advanced Creative: Media I 3
  ADV 354 Interactive Advertising Design 3
  ADV 428 Advanced Creative: Media II 3
  ADV 486 Integrated Campaigns 4
  CAS 110 Creative Processes in Media Settings 2
  Visual Journalism      
  JRN 203 Visualizing Information 3
  JRN 310 Photojournalism 3
  JRN 336 Designing for Print and Online 3
  JRN 400 The Spartan Online Newsroom 3
  JRN 403 TV News 3
  JRN 410 Photojournalism and Documentary Photography 3
  JRN 436 Creating Online Environments 3
  JRN 438 Communicating with Graphics II 3
  JRN 483 Photo Communication in Europe 6
  Art and Art History  
  HA 486 History of Western Design 4
  STA 365 Typography I: Form and Meaning 3
  STA 375 Photography II 3
  STA 460 Graphic Design II: Visual Communication 4
  STA 462 Three-Dimensional Design 4
  STA 463 Book Design 4
  STA 466 Corporate Imagery 4
  STA 467 Time and Motion Design 4
  STA 468 Interactive Web Design 4
  STA 472 Color Photography 4
  STA 474 Studio and Location Lighting 4
  STA 475 Photography Workshop 4
  STA 491E Selected Topics – Graphic Design 2 or 3
  STA 491F Selected Topics – Photography 2 or 3
  STA 494 Design Center 4
3. Complete the following course (3 credits):  
  STA 499 Interdisciplinary Design: Projects and Contemporary Issues 3