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Electrical Technology

The Electrical Technology certificate is an electrical apprenticeship training program with an emphasis on residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial wiring. Students study electrical codes, fundamentals, installations, motor controls, and solid state electronic applications. Throughout the program, students receive training in energy efficiency and alternate power systems. The certificate provides advanced technical training important for a successful career in the electrical field.

Integrated in the 15-month program are a wide range of disciplines through hands-on classroom and laboratory learning, and on-the-job training. The 4,000 square feet laboratory is equipped with electrical systems found in agricultural, commercial, and industrial facilities as well as systems that serve residential homes. The laboratory also has programmable logic controls, variable frequency drives, and standard AC and DC motors used in the field. The skills learned are used to become a licensed journey electrician through the State of Michigan, which is recognized by the State Electrical Administrative Board. Students who are interested may transfer into a four-year degree program at MSU upon completion of the certificate.

Requirements for Electrical Technology

Students must complete 48 credits from the following:
1. All of the following courses (38 credits):
AE 102 Electrical Lighting for Residential and Agricultural Facilities 2
AE 172 Electrical Wiring I 4
AE 173 Electrical Occupations 1
AE 182 Electrical Wiring II 3
AE 185 Electrical Applications 3
AE 192 Electrical Wiring III 4
AE 194 Electrical Systems Planning 4
AT 45 Agricultural Communications 2
AT 71 Technical Mathematics 2
AT 293 Professional Internship in Agricultural Technology 3
TSM 121 Fundamentals of Electricity 4
TSM 130 Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Agricultural Systems 3
TSM 222 Fundamentals of Automation and Controls 3
Students who demonstrate proficiency through placement testing for AT 045 and AT 071 can take elective course work to substitute the credit in those courses as approved by the program coordinator.
2. The following course or equivalent certification:
KIN 125 First Aid and Personal Safety 3
Equivalent certification is current first aid and CPR certification.
3. Complete a minimum of 7 credits of additional Agricultural Technology courses chosen in consultation with and approved by the program coordinator.