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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experiences Option (this program is in moratorium Fall 2024 through Summer 2026)

An Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experiences Option (E&I) is a project consisting of original work that builds on the content of a course in which a student is enrolled but extends the experience of that course beyond the typical scope and content. E&I Experiences Options allow undergraduates the opportunity to add entrepreneurial content to courses already in the student’s program, thus providing a flexible alternative for those interested in exploring entrepreneurial ideas beyond the normal course requirements. An E&I Experiences Option can be in any course in any discipline. Students propose the E&I Experiences Option to the instructor of record for the course. E&I Experiences Option requests must be accompanied by the Application for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experiences Option form. E&I Experiences Options that are approved and completed will be designated on the student’s transcript.  For more information, students should contact the undergraduate advising office of their college.