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College of Engineering

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Students admitted to the university are enrolled in the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative, but may declare a pre-engineering major preference in the College of Engineering.  Such students are guided by a professional advisor from the college. All students are encouraged to review their progress with an advisor each semester. Students become eligible for admission to the college upon completion of the requirements listed below in the Admission to the College section of this catalog.

Students interested in engineering but not yet sure of a major may be an Engineering Exploratory major until attaining 56 credits, but students are encouraged to make their major selection as early as possible.

Students who elect a pre-engineering major preference should be strongly prepared in mathematics and sciences.  Additional work in these areas is highly desirable and may make advanced placement in courses possible.  Students entering with less than the minimum mathematics prerequisites may take some of the necessary courses after  entering the University. However, such students will need additional time to complete the work for the degree.