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Experiential Education - The Center for Spartan Engineering

The College of Engineering offers a variety of opportunities for students to gain real-world experience in the field of engineering.  These programs prepare students for work in industry or to enter graduate programs in engineering, medicine, law, or business.  They include cooperative education, engineering internships, and undergraduate research.  Cooperative Engineering Education is a program of alternating full-time employment in industry and full-time study on campus.  Employment provides practical on-the-job experience by exposing students to types of work done by engineers.  Locations of jobs are nationwide and students are given the opportunity to explore other regions of the country. 

Engineering internships are usually one time-only, career based experiences usually completed during the summer semester. Internships provide practical on-the-job experience in the field of engineering. Undergraduate research opportunities are also available at Michigan State University and throughout the United States.  Students who are considering graduate school are encouraged to participate in an undergraduate research program for exposure to research opportunities and protocol at the graduate level. 

Each of these options can be eligible for engineering credit through a series of low cost, pass-fail experiential education courses.  Any student who completes a combination of three full-time registered experiences in a pre-professional position that have been approved and assessed by the College of Engineering will receive a Certificate of Experiential Education.   Students interested in any of these programs should contact The Center for Spartan Engineering in Room C108 Wilson Hall.