Michigan State University Electronic Transcript Information

In addition to the traditional paper sent via U.S. Mail, official transcripts are now available in an electronic format.

The electronic transcript allows recipients to view the transcript on a secure website instead of waiting to receive a paper document via U.S. Mail.

The Process

Current and former Students submit a transcript request and select "electronic" as the delivery format. Students will provide the recipient's name and email address. Recipient mailing address is also required for verification purposes.

Student notifies the recipient that the transcript will be delivered electronically and that the recipient will receive an email with simple directions to view the transcript.
The email will always come from ROTran@msu.edu.

The University cannot control if a student or recipient's email system marks the transcript emails as spam. If you believe you should have received an email but did not, please contact ROTran@msu.eduonce you have checked your spam folder and find the email is not there.

Within 1/2 business day, often less, the Office of the Registrar will process the order.

The recipient will be sent an email with a secure access code and a link to a secure MSU website.
The web site URL is: http://www.reg.msu.edu/Transcripts/ETranscript.aspx .
Recipients can also access the Electronic Transcript site from the Office of the Registrar Home Page by clicking on the "Transcripts" link.

Upon secure access code validation, the transcript will be presented in the Portable Document Format (PDF).
If needed, download the free Adobe Reader.

Advantages of the Electronic Transcript

Viewing the transcript directly on the Office of the Registrar website ensures recipients they are receiving accurate, official transcripts from Michigan State University.

Recipients will be able to view the transcript in less than one (1) business day versus waiting for a paper version to arrive by U.S. Mail.

If the transcript request was ordered through the online transcript request form, the student will be sent an email when the transcript delivery notice has been sent and again when the transcript has been viewed.


The Secure Access Code is a very long, random string of characters, numbers, and symbols that is only sent to the recipient, as identified by the student.

After multiple incorrect secure access code validation attempts, the specific IP address is blocked from accessing the Electronic Transcript system.

Transcripts are only available for viewing for 30 days.

Transcripts can only be viewed 20 times.


How much does it cost to send an electronic transcript?
There is no charge for transcripts.

Is sending my transcript this way safe and is my data secure?
Yes, it is safe to send your transcript electronically. Only the recipient, as defined by you, will be sent the Secure Access Code at the email address you provide.

The Secure Access Code is entered on a web page protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). If validated, the transcript is viewed over a connection also protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

All attempts, successful and not, to view your transcript are logged. Numerous, unsuccessful attempts will be blocked.

How do I know the email sent to me isn't spam or that the link is safe to click?
Official transcript emails will always be sent from ROTran@msu.edu. If you receive an email from another email address, it is not valid.

The link to view a transcript using the Secure Access Code will always be: http://www.reg.msu.edu/Transcripts/ETranscript.aspx.
The same page can also be accessed from the Office of the Registrar Home Page (http://www.reg.msu.edu) by clicking on the "Transcripts" link.

I received a copy of a transcript, but I did not obtain it directly from the Office of the Registrar website myself. Is it official? Has it been edited in any way?
It is not official and accuracy cannot be assumed.