Education Abroad Partner Programs (Exchange and Direct Enroll)

Institution:University College Dublin

Program: University College Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)

Sponsored by: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources; College of Social Science

Offered in: Fall, Spring

Grade and Credit Conversion
Graded Subject Areas: Depending on the subject area of the course taken abroad, your credit will come back in one of the following two ways:
  • Graded credit (counts toward your MSU GPA)
  • Transfer credit (pass/fail basis and does NOT count toward your MSU GPA)

All subject areas listed below will come back as graded credit. Courses taken in any subjects that are NOT listed will come back as transfer credit. You can find a list of courses that have previously been approved for transfer credit on

If there is a course you want to take but is not listed on this page or, you will need to receive approval from your academic advisor or the appropriate college contact for study abroad course approvals. When you contact/meet with someone for course approval, make sure you have relevant course descriptions from the host university. Links to course descriptions can be found at the bottom of the “details” tab of each program page on the Office for Education Abroad Website.

Subject CodeSubject NameStart DateEnd Date
A EAgricultural EngineeringSpring - 2022
AECAgricultural EconomicsSpring - 2022
ABMAgribusiness ManagementFall - 2019
AEEANR Edu & Com SysSpring - 2022
ANSAnimal ScienceSpring - 2022
BEBiosystems EngineeringSpring - 2022
BCMBuilding Construction MgmtSpring - 2022
CSSCrop & Soil SciencesSpring - 2022
EEPEnvironmntl Econ & PolicySpring - 2022
FIMFood Industry ManagementSpring - 2022
F WFisheries and WildlifeSpring - 2022
FORForestrySummer - 2022
FSCFood ScienceSpring - 2022
HRTHorticultureSpring - 2022
L ALandscape ArchitectureSpring - 2022
PKGPackagingSpring - 2022
PRRParkSpring - 2022

Previously taken Courses:
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleMSU Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaSubstituteStartDateEndDate
AESC30080Agri-Environmental Issues & Policy3CSX  7BBJEEPEEP GCU: ANRSS22
CPSC20020Fund of Arable Crop Production3CSX  7BUECSSCSS GCU: ANRSS16SS22
AERD30030Agri-Environmental Econ & Policy3CSX  7BDZABMABM GCU: ANRFS19
AERD40080Food and Agribusiness Marketing3CSX  7AKSABMABM GCU: ANRSS22FS19
ENVB30110Food Microbiology3CSX  7AJZFSCFSC 440: ANRSS22
HORT10020Plants and People3CSX  7BMSHRTHRT 100: ANRSS22
ENVB30110Food Microbiology3CSX  7AJZFSCFSC 441: ANRSS22SS22
BSEN30010Bioprocess Engineering Principles3CSX  7AKBBEBE 429: ANRSS22
FDSC30040Food Chemistry I3CSX  7BDMFSCFSC 401: ANRSS22
FDSC20110Food Diet & Health II-Making Health3CSX  7BLUFSCFSC GCU: ANRSS22
AERD30050Financial Planning and Control3CSX  7BLTABMABM GCU: ANRFS19
ANSC30350Equine Nutrition3CSX  7BPVANSANS 413: ANRSS15SS22
FDSC30020Food Analysis I3CSX  7BDKFSCFSC 455: ANRSS22
BSEN30310Biofuels & Renewable Energies3CSX  7BBKEEPEEP GCU: ANRSS22
AERD40040Food and Agribusiness Strategy3CSX  7BBMEEPEEP GCU: ANRSS22
FOR30110Forest Policy and Law3CSX  7BCMFORFOR 466: ANRSS22
AERD40020International Food Marketing3CSX  7BEAABMABM 427: ANRFS19
ANSC20020Animal Nutrition I3CSX  7BWPANSANS 313: ANRSS15SS22
BIOL10010Animal Biology and Evolution3CSX  7BWRANSANS 315: ANRSS15SS22
FDSC40010Fermented Foods3CSP  7CMAFSCFSC GCU: ANRSS17SS22
BSEN30010Bioprocess Engineering Principles3CSP  7CPXBEBE 429: ANRFS17SS22
ENVB30110Food Microbiology3CSP  7CPYFSCFSC 440: ANRFS17SS22
ENVB30110Food Microbiology3CSP  7CPYFSCFSC 441: ANRFS17SS22
FDSC30050Food Chemistry II3CSX  7BJZFSCFSC 402: ANRSS22
PHPS40610Food Safety3CSX  7BKAFSCFSC 342: ANRSS22
FDSC30050Food Chemistry II3CSP  7CMEFSCFSC 402: ANRSS17SS22
FDSC30020Food Analysis I3CSP  7CRAFSCFSC 455: ANRFS17SS22
AESC30080Agri-Environmental Issues & Policy3CSP  7DTDEEPEEP GCU: ANRFS18SS22
ANSC30130Prin Animal Hlth, Behav & Welfare3CSX  7BHGECANS 305: ANRSS12SS22
ANSC30250Equine Genetics3CSX  7BPUANSANS GCU: ANRSS15SS22
CPSC30050Organic Agriculture3CSX  7CABHRTHRT 251: ANRFS18SS22
VET10020Animals in Society:Ethical Perspect3CSX  7CAXANSANS 401: ANRSS19SS22
FDSC30040Food Chemistry I3CSP  7CRBFSCFSC 401: ANRFS17SS22
HORT30190Food Produce:Fruit &Post Harv Phys3CSX  7BHSHRTHRT 341: ANRFS12SS22
RDEV10020Informational Skills3CSP  7CRCFSCFSC GCU: ANRFS17SS22
AESC40140Agri-Environmental Nutrient Mgt3CSX  7BPZCSSCSS 480: ANRSS15SS22
CPSC30030Root & Alternative Crop Production3CSX  7BRACSSCSS 490: ANRSS15SS22
FDSC20040Sensory Analysis3CSX  7AETFSCFSC 310: ANRFS18SS22
HOST30020Elements of Landscape Design3CSX  7CCVHRTHRT 111: ANRSS19SS22
ANSC30150Animal Physiology II3CSX  7CFBANSANS GCU: SS20SS22
FOR20110Forests, Climate and Carbon3CSX  7CCXFORFOR 412: ANSSS19SS22
ECON10770Introduction to Economics3CSP  7CTBECEC GCU: CSSFS22
HORT20060Sportsturf Construction3CSX  7CCMHRTHRT GCU: ANRSS19SS22
FDSC20110Food Diet & Health II-Making Health3CSP  7CPZFSCFSC GCU: ANRFS17SS22
AERD20030Business Management3CSX  7BYMABMABM GCU: ANRFS17FS19
RDEV30160Food Poverty and Policy3CSX  7BYKEEPEEP 260: ANRFS17SS22
HORT30190Food Produce:Fruit &Post Harv Phsy3CSX  7BHSHRTHRT GCU: ANRSS19SS22
HORT30040Landscape Management3CSX  7CCWHRTHRT 213: ANRSS19SS22
ANSC20010Genetics and Biotechnology3CSX  7AHBANSANS 314: ANRSS07SS22